Adventures of George and Heidi


A hui hou, Hawaii! Hello, Vietnam!

I'm free to roam!

December 13, 2014 Aloha, Hawaii! A hui hou, goodbye, until we meet again! It is time to bid our friends in Hawaii goodbye, but we are sure to be back again, someday. Oahu was the perfect place for Kaisho to spend his first year, but now it’s time for him to see the world! George, [...]

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Sigiriya “The Lion Rock”

Lions Feet at the Base of Sigiriya

August 31, 2012 Tips: Visit the museum.  It’s included in the cost of admission and well worth an hour to learn about the rock before you climb and you probably wont need a guide. Arrive early as the crowds gathered around 11AM. Bring water! Ask for good directions to the car park.  You will meet [...]

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